FortisBC Energy Leaders

We’re supporting both in-class and home-based remote learning from kindergarten to grade 12. Teachers and parents can access free, ready-to-use lessons about energy conservation, energy solutions and safety that are developed by BC teachers and based on BC’s current curriculum.

New! Distance Learning lesson plans and select regular lesson plan materials for grades 1 to 12 are now available in French.

Curriculum-connected lessons

The Energy Leaders resources focus on three pillars.

Energy Solutions

Lessons focus on energy literacy from the story of natural gas and where our electricity comes from to climate change


Lessons focus on energy conservation and action planning at school, at home and in the community


Lessons focus on both electrical and natural gas safety

Teacher testimonials

Engaging, fun and interactive lesson.


One of the best resources I have seen that truly gets to the heart of the new curriculum.

I would absolutely recommend this module to a colleague.

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