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Monday-morning-ready curriculum-connected lessons on safety, energy solutions and conservation.

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What is Energy Leaders?

What is the Energy Leaders Program?

FortisBC Energy Leaders is an online education platform for BC teachers that provides engaging, curriculum-connected lessons and classroom resources focused on three pillars.

Energy Solutions

Lessons focus on energy literacy from the story of natural gas and where our electricity comes from to climate change


Lessons focus on energy conservation and action planning at school, at home and in the community


Lessons focus on both electrical and natural gas safety


Monday-morning-ready lessons have everything you need to save preparation time and deliver in the classroom. Lessons are developed by BC teachers and include age-appropriate materials and activities such as:

  • Lesson plan
  • Curriculum connections
  • Lesson backgrounder
  • Student handouts 
  • Slideshow (and slideshow notes)
  • Tangible resources

Teacher testimonials

Engaging, fun and interactive lesson.


One of the best resources I have seen that truly gets to the heart of the new curriculum.

I would absolutely recommend this module to a colleague.

How does Energy Leaders work?

How does Energy Leaders work?

Download lesson plans & access resources

Access resources – download lesson plans, slideshows and handouts. Request classroom resources such as circuit kits, shower timers and other materials. Lesson plans that have a link to additional resources are indicated in the lesson plan directory.

Mark your progress

We help you track your progress. Each time you complete a lesson in your grade the progress indicator will update to show the number of lessons completed.

Download a sample lesson plan

Download a sample lesson plan

Aligned with 21st-century teaching and learning and supporting energy education in BC, the lessons provide high quality, inquiry-based classroom resources to support, enhance and enrich energy learning in BC classrooms.

Primary (K–3)

Grade 2
Physical and chemical changes - explore how matter changes physically and chemically.

Intermediate (4–7)

Grade 7
Earth and its climate - exploring what we know about climate change.

Secondary (8–12)

Grade 9
Spheres of the earth - an introduction into the four spheres of our planet.

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